Seven Feathers Day 1

Seven Feathers Day 1
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~ 8:00 AM –

Tad chilly this AM. Out for a morning walk … not sure what we are doing yet … reminds me of the song “Should I stay or should I go ….” lol  Looking at weather forecast it doesn’t look like any snow predicted for Siskiyou’s within the next several days … hmmm.

~ 12:00 PM –

Decided to stay until Thursday.  Can’t beat $19/night! Some more walking and exploring. Mass exodus this morning …we have the place all to ourselves practically.

~ 2:00 PM –

Found the casino. First time here for both of us. Enjoying taco Tuesdays in the bar. $1.99 however I’m guessing the drafts are $20 ea

~ 8:00 PM –

Enjoyed another trip to the Pool and Jacuzzi … we were the only ones in the entire place.  Nice.  Just hanging out and trying to learn this blogging thing … so much to do and so little much of time. 🙂

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