Seven Feathers Day 2

Seven Feathers Day 2
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Lazy day today … slept in until 6:45 AM 🙁  Some day we will learn to sleep in until 8 am.  25+ year brain memory of waking up early for work.

It’s overcast and cool today …some sprinkles and likely snowing in the Siskiyou’s 🙁  Went for morning walk and trying to kill the dog.  We learned Marley (aka dog) has a nasty ear infection so Lisa and I have been trying to pour some vinegar-based solution into his ear and he doesn’t like that, at ALL.  Trying to bite both of us …chasing him around the motorhome trying to catch him, etc.  When he walks he tilts his head like a dork … think his equilibrium is messed up or something.  I guess we’ll monitor from here on.  The vinegar thing is highly recommended based on Lisa’s 30 seconds of Googling. 🙂

We noticed another coach in the resort that was same colors as ours and also towing a Mini Cooper.  The guy actually came over and knocked on our door earlier this afternoon to BS.  Found he and his wife have been in Lake Havaus, AZ (our destination) for a few weeks.  They are from WA state up around La Center, WA.  Their setup:

It’s now almost 3 PM and only on first Greyhound drink.  Late start today.  Still trying to figure out this blogging thing … it’s more involved than I thought (usual for me).  Had to get our own domain (wingingitfulltime.com), find a web hosting company and ended up buying a theme that makes things a little easier.  However just trying to figure out the whole workflow, plug-ins, widgets, etc. is rather involved …thus the Greyhound drink(s).  We should be ready for credit card donations and/or “Go Fund Our Early Retirement” soon! -ha

Plan is to head south tomorrow around 9-10 AM and we hope the passes are dry.  Destination tomorrow is Rolling Hills Casino somewhere around Corning, CA south of Red Bluff.  After that things get serious and we need to start putting on some miles.

Stay tuned.

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