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Up early … 5:30 am.  Woke up several times last night due to the coach auto-leveling air compressor coming on for 15-30 seconds.  Supposedly the system monitors air pressure in air tank that is used to keep the coach level via 10 air bags …and when the pressure drops below a certain point a small aux air compressor under coach (under rear bedroom) kicks on to build up air pressure.  Nonetheless it’s a noisy little thing and I think we have a small air leak somewhere which is not uncommon.  Only way to find/fix is with soapy water in a spray bottle spraying air bags, air lines, etc. until you find bubbles.  That’s another day …

Marley’s ear is nasty … to the point of Lisa wanting to take him to a Vet.  There is one local in Canyonville however we are fairly sure it would be at least a $100 bill and in the end they will likely use/prescribe the same stuff you can get “OTA” (My term for “Over the Amazon” 🙂  The magic sauce appears to be Zymox.  For less than $20 overnighted we ordered a bottle to be shipped to our next destination and should arrive tomorrow.  The caveat is if it will arrive fairly early tomorrow since we want to continue south …or have to stay an extra day to get the Zymox.  Time will tell.

Still dark outside …will probably hit the road this AM around 10ish.  Only driving 5 hours south today but plan to stop in Redding to stock up on critical supplies (1/2 gallons of booze).

5:07 PM

Made it to Rolling Hills Casino and RV Park for the night.   Roads were clear but a lot of snow around Mt Shasta city.   Stopped at liquor barn in Redding and stocked up.

No wifi here at the park 🙁 so limited to phone this evening.   May check out the casino later.

Solid blue skies from Redding South.   67 and sunny tomorrow.



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