Beergarita Thursday

Beergarita Thursday
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Lisa came across a recipe for Beergaritas on Pinterest so we tried a few pitchers of those yesterday (Thursday) and they were quite tasty.  Warmest day yet …think it hit 81 or 82.  Marley made a lizard friend (Sam) that frequently runs across the patio and stops and does several push-ups.

Had a great time at another happy hour next door our Canadian friends hosted.  Good food, drink and conversations.

Supposed to be overcast today but around 82 …with even a slight chance of a shower Saturday.

Plan for today is to install 2 roof vent covers without falling off the roof.  The vent covers will allow us to run the Fantasticfans anytime regardless of the outside weather, something we were unable to do in Oregon Nov-Jan due to the rain sensors on the fans.  If a rain drop hits a sensor the fans automatically stop and the vent covers close.  I can see the point however it makes running the fans during wet weather nearly impossible …thus the need for the vent covers.

Some may wonder why one would want to run vent fans during wet weather, etc. ?  Roof vents are your best friend in any RV …and constant air movement is also very good … condensation = BAD.  Even just sitting like we are now we always have the roof vents open and often the fans running.

I’ll post a follow-up picture after install.  Happy Friday!

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