Operation ReLoad

Operation ReLoad
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We’ve been busy over the last few weeks after arriving back in Oregon.  Mostly trying to stay warm and dry LOL  Seriously, the weather is, well … icky like we left it.  Nothing new, it should be warm/sunny semi-consistently by end of July, as usual.

The last 5 months of full-timing it in the coach gave us time to reflect on our overall likes/dislikes of the coach itself.  While beautiful and flashy we knew early on a 5th wheel likely made more sense based on overall livability/comfort factor and would also be a better match based on our travel plans over the next few years.

Before leaving Lake Havasu we were fairly sure we wanted to sell the coach and try a quality 5th wheel (e.g. Mobile Suites, LandMarks, Teton, Big Country, etc.).  We put it on CL and actually sold it on our trip home to a great couple in Medford, OR.  We delivered it last week.  Lisa did some awesome work and found a small home in Keizer we are renting for 2-3 months to give us time to reload with a truck and 5th wheel.
Whew!  But we’re just getting started … stay with me … focus.

We just went into escrow on an RV property in Bend, OR just outside of SunRiver that sits on the Deschutes canal and is setup with 3-4 RV pads/hook-ups, has a couple storage sheds and even a fire pit!  We searched all winter for such a place and finally found one.  The property will serve is our home base during summers.  We close on that sometime around the 3rd week of June.  Now we have our own go-to places in both Oregon and Arizona.  Yay.

We sold the Mini Cooper.  It was a fun car and was the perfect tow vehicle behind the coach but with plans for a truck/5th wheel it was time to go.  A great couple from Bend purchased the car.  Until yesterday we were down to a rental car and house as we sold everything …which is a great lead-in to Ethel.

Meet Ethel.

Ethel was acquired yesterday.  Ethel, a 2017 F-350 6.7 diesel dually will be the horse pulling our yet-to-be-purchased cart.  So we are presently in 5th wheel shopping mode which is proving to be somewhat challenging due to the lack of availability of quality 5th wheel brands here in the NW.

We are learning there are more *recreational* RV’s in the NW compared to full-time live-in quality brands like down south and elsewhere.  However we have hope and are going to look at one today in WA.  We are shopping used high quality 5th wheels such as the DRV Mobile Suites.

Once we find “the one” we’ll take it over to the new property and stay there once we are out of the house, perhaps a trip or two over summer (supposed to go to Glacier park) …then back to Havasu for the winter.  This is fun.

Has been GREAT spending time with our son!  He finishes his freshman year at OSU next week.  In 3 years we should have the first Mechanical Engineer in the Lawrence household.

I think that’s it.  We still have each other and the dog.  The coach will provide a lot of memories and hey, if we later decide we shouldn’t have sold it we’ll buy another one.  That’s what life is about … moving forward and WingingIt as you go.

Stay tuned.

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