Bridgeport, CA Day 3 – Virginia and Lundy Lakes

Bridgeport, CA Day 3 – Virginia and Lundy Lakes
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Another cold 22 degree night here in Bridgeport, CA.  Today we decided to do a few scenic drives in the area to take in more fall colors.  We are both sore from the 8 mile hike yesterday lol  We went off-road with Green Lake as our intended destination however we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Virginia Lakes, of which was also our our to-do list so it all worked out.

Virginia lakes are very small lakes nested within giant mountains …very cool and scenic.  However there wasn’t a lot of color at Virginia lakes so we decided to hit Lundy Canyon which is supposed to be one of the better ones …and it didn’t disappoint.

On our way home we managed to take a rock or something in the windshield so now we have a nice BB sized divot right in the drivers vision the size of a dime on a new truck.  Lovely.  Guess we’ll wait until Havasu and hope it doesn’t crack and see if it can be repaired.  Seems like it’s the perfect candidate for a repair as long as it doesn’t crack.

Picture album of todays photos

Love this one …

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