Death Valley – Day 3

Death Valley – Day 3
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On our last full day here in Death Valley we visited the following sites:

  • Badwater (most popular attraction – lowest point in park at 282′ below sea level
  • 20 Mule Team Loop – Just a 1.8 loop out thru some old Borax mines


We drove around 18 miles out to see the Badwater site.  Pretty cool with a board walk and salt walkway that goes out quite aways into arid, desolate abyss.  Reminded me of the old westerns with guys dying of thirst, chapped/cracked lips and flying buzzards.  lol

It was the hottest day …around 90 or so.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the last day in the campground.  We did visit the nearby General Store and Golf course.  Yes, a golf course in the heart of Death Valley!?  Right?  It’s also vibrant green …and to no surprise the lowest golf course in the world.  Apparently the water for the area comes from natural springs …including the golf course.  Beleive it or not the water here in the park is  better than any we’ve had in Oregon … based on softness and TDS.  Never would have thought …

We think we are going to end in Lake Havasu tomorrow in our resort.  We contemplated staying in/around Vegas, etc. but the appeal isn’t there right now, especially after the shootings, etc.  We’ll likely go down thru Pahrump, NV, near Vegas thru Henderson, NV then down.

Pictures from today



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