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It took longer than expected however it appears the blog migration to Amazon AWS is now complete.  The blog is now hosted in the Amazon cloud … can’t you tell? lol

It’s been a few weeks since our last blog post.  The weather is definitely cooler now … 70/80’s vs the 90’s and the nights are in the 50/60’s vs 70’s.  I must be getting old as I’m finding myself talking about weather a lot.

The resort is still only about 70% capacity but assuming that will change post holiday season.  A lot of people are likely ‘gutting it out’ weather-wise until the holidays are over before they migrate south for the winter.

We had planned to attend a big RV/Boat/Toy expo down at the lake yesterday however we got nailed with 20+ mph winds all day yesterday.  Instead we decided to go recliner shopping and came home with 2 new recliners.  So far we love them and will help in the binge watching of Game of Thrones 🙂  Unlike most we hadn’t watched a single episode until a few nights ago.  We are already starting season 4!

Marley (dog) has been sick the last several days going back to last week.  We finally narrowed it down to the dog food he has been eating (IAMS).  Lisa switched him from Science Diet a few months ago because the IAMS was easier to find.  He was fine until a week ago and for several days he was down in the dumps (pun intended).  We were’t sure if it was the dog food, popcorn, sunflower seeds or dog treats so we stopped feeding him everything except the dog food.  No change.  Lisa started feeding him chicken for a few days and he was instantly back to normal.  Hmmm, dog food?  A little googling found others reporting the exact symptoms Marley had and we concluded the dog food was bad!   So I guess we won’t feed him dog food going forward 🙂

The sunsets have been amazing lately.  Never grow tired of those.  All is well in happy desert land.  Looking forward to coming home for Christmas to visit family.

New photo by Jeff Lawrence / Google Photos


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