Valentines Day Willy

Valentines Day Willy
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Happy Valentines Day!

We decided to get a fun to drive vehicle to dink around in other than the 20′ long dually truck.  Lisa would drive the truck to the grocery store and park it 1/2 mile out in the parking lot as it was a beast to park.  And to be honest I wasn’t that thrilled to jump in it and drive downtown, park, etc.  In short it was kind of a pain to constantly worry about running over small animals, curbs, people and other vehicles.

When we had the coach we had a Mini Cooper which was a great car for jumping around town but had zero off-road capability … gravel pullouts were it’s limit.  There are tons of places down here in Havasu as well as central Oregon where a Jeep made a lot of sense.  Back in the day we had a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Jeff fixed up and we kept for 12+ years and used every weekend, made trips to the mountains/snow, Moab, etc.  In fact we owned that Jeep longer than any vehicle we’ve had …and we’ve had plenty!

Today we bought another Jeep to increase the fun factor.  Same color is our previous 1997, just 21 years newer.

New photo by Jeff Lawrence / Google Photos

You may be asking “What the Truck?”  as in what about the new Ford F350 we purchased last June?  It’s gone!  Jeff sold it 1 day after putting it on Craigslist last week.  Why?

Our WingingIt Logic


Having a 5th wheel requires a truck to pull it when it’s time to move locations, or does it?  Being that we aren’t in full-time traveling mode yet and simply bounce between Bend, OR and Lake Havasu we concluded in the near term it didn’t make sense to keep a new shiny truck that neither of us enjoyed driving in town AND buy another  “fun” vehicle as we would have to drive the 2nd vehicle back/forth not to mention the $$$ tied up in vehicles where the truck sits 99% of the time.  The caveat is that we like our 5th wheel a lot!  In fact for living it’s more comfortable than the coach we had, and the coach was about 3x more expensive.  Go figure.  Hmmm, what to do …

We decided short-term what would be ideal is to have the 5th wheel transported by someone else instead of owning a truck.  Jeff researched this and found a website called UShip.com where you can list what you want transported and how much you are willing to pay and people in the transport business bid on the haul.  Basically it’s an auction …same as placing something in an eBay auction and have people bid on it.  We found the cost-to-ship very reasonable and already have someone contracted to haul the 5th wheel to our property outside of SunRiver when it’s time to leave Havasu.  We’ll simply drive the Jeep up and meet the 5th wheel.

Long term we’ll likely end up back in another coach so we can pull the Jeep, however we’re not in big hurry.  We have all summer in Oregon to contemplate our next move, if we make one that soon.  We’ve also discussed other options such as leaving our 5th wheel down here in Havasu and buying something else to leave on our Oregon property for the summer.  However there are lots of catch 22’s with that as well such as having $$$ tied up in multiple RV’s, leaving the 5th wheel in 115 degree Havasu sun all summer, leaving an RV in Bend during the frigid winters … and if we were to store either there is storage costs which isn’t cheap.

In just over a year we are realizing the RV-ing dilemma many encounter in that there is no simple one-size-fits all solution for every scenario.

Jeep Shopping


Jeff shopped Jeeps over the last week everywhere from Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Prescott and other places.  We found one we liked for the best price in Prescott, AZ so we made a big road trip today to celebrate Valentines Day -ha  400 miles round trip (are we there yet?).  Prescott is a very cool place.  Has a Sedona feel and Hwy 89 that runs south out of Prescott is gorgeous … probably 7000′ overlooking the desert valley.  It was cloudy today and still beautiful.

New photo by Jeff Lawrence / Google Photos


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