January 2017

WingingItFullTime is our journey of living in an RV full-time after calling it quits from the corporate work world after 30 years and live life day to day, do what we want where we want, and without all the baggage that comes with owning the big house, cars, toys, jobs, etc.

My wife and I lived the daily rut of commuting 100 miles a day (separately), the 8-5 PM corporate work environment, big house, big taxes, lots of toys, Starbucks drive-thru’s, etc.  After 30 years we both decided enough is enough and we didn’t want that anymore regardless of the income.  We both realized we were “burnt out”.

A few months ago we sold most everything we owned including the house, cars, furniture, toys, etc.  We purchased a motorhome to live in full-time.   Initially family/friends thought we went crazy … perhaps some still do. 🙂

So far we’ve been living in our motorhome for 2+ months thru peak Oregon winter where we’ve had 3-4 snow events, freezing rain and a lot of days in the teens and 20’s/30’s.  No better way to get started than jumping in with both feet right? Fortunately it hasn’t been too bad. No leaks, fires and we haven’t frozen despite all the snow. The coach has worked out well so far.

Next week (Jan 23rd) we start our journey and plan to head south toward SUN and warmer weather for 3-4 months.

The goal is to use this site as our primary travel blog as we “Wing-It” thru this new journey of full-time RV living and traveling.

We have no concrete schedule or timeline … a first in our lives.

Thanks for visiting our blog!