La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Recliners

November 19th, 2017

After living in our 5th wheel for the last 5 months we weren’t too fond of the comfort the OEM Thomas Payne recliners offered.  Actually they were fairly comfortable once reclined however since they were swivel glide rocker recliners they did it all … swivel, rocked and reclined.

The problem we always had, which was very frustrating over time was every time either of us tried to reclined the recliners would swivel side to side and we would bump into each other and end up cock-eyed once reclined which required us to grab a wall and rotate until we were straight with the TV.  It was almost comical … like playing bumper cars.

We knew after market recliners were in our future, ones that simply were stationary and simply reclined with no swivel or rocking “feature”. lol

We went into research mode for a week or so and became familiar with our options.  Most RV’s (motor homes, 5th wheels, travel trailers) don’t have the space to accommodate residential sized furniture because of limited space.  We also knew we weren’t the first to do this therefore a lot of info was found on the various RV forums, etc. thanks to Google searching.  We also were able to construct a list of about 3-4 manufacturers and recliner models that have become popular replacements in RV’s.

Ultimately we decided on a pair of La-Z-Boy Pinnacle recline-away (aka wall-hugger) recliners we were lucky enough to find in-stock at a local furniture store here in Lake Havasu.

They are a dark brown leather and sit about 3″ from our main living room slide wall which worked out perfectly for not having to move/slide the chairs around to recline or stow for travel.  They are extremely comfortable and soft.  The Pinnacle’s seem to be the go-to recliner for RV purposes and the salesman informed us it’s La-Z-Boy’s most popular model overall due to comfort alone.

So far we love them and are superior to the OEM Thomas Payne swivel rocker glider recliners.

Click picture below to view more pics in a Google photo album.

Lazyboy Pinnacle Recliners / Google Photos