Cooking with Lisa

For as long as I can remember, I have planned out our weekly meals which in turn helped me create a shopping list and general plan for cooking dinner each night.  This was important when I worked full time so I didn’t need to shop so frequently and to have an idea in advance of what I would be cooking once I got home from my lengthy commute.  Process improvement and efficiency methods carried over from my job, you will likely laugh at how I approach my grocery shopping list.  Below is a quick overview of my weekly planning process followed by recipes that I would recommend.

Weekly Meal Planning/Shopping List:  I start by creating a basic template to write out my meal plan and shopping list.  I am old school and use paper and pen.  I always start with the same basic template, I create a set of columns labeled for each of the main grocery aisles (dairy, vegetables/fruit, meats, dry/canned items, freezer, bread/cereals, snacks, clean/misc) and lastly a column to list the weekly meals.  Next, I decide and list 6-8 meals that I want to make under the weekly menu column. I usually have those old stand by meals that I rotate between and I usually will add a few new recipes to try (I have compiled a Pinterest board of pinned recipes that I review to pick from). Once I have identified the meals for the week, I list out the items I need to purchase under the respective grocery aisle columns on my shopping list.  I have my list and am ready to go shopping (I can quickly navigate the store and get all the items I need).

New recipes I recently tried (check back to see new recipes I have added,  the newest will be listed at the top):