Our Coach

Update: Sold 6/2017

Before going full-time we weren’t sure if we would be happier with a pickup and nice 5th wheel or a motorhome.  We thought a nice motorhome within our budget made the most sense, at least for the first time around in this new full-timing lifestyle.  Someday we may end up with a pickup and 5th wheel, who knows.  I guess we’ll learn what we like/don’t like about motorhome living over the next several months.

Presently we have a 2007 Monaco 41′ Dynasty Platinum IV, quad-slide with a 400 Cummins and Allison transmission with tag-axle.  Without going into a long story about fate, timing, etc. that allowed us to purchase the coach it was owned by a jet pilot out of Reno, NV.  I saw it on Craigslist within 10 minutes of being posted, after shopping what seemed like 24×7 for 2 months straight.  The coach only had 19K miles on it when I flew to Reno 2 weeks later and drove it home.  And we got it for an awesome price to boot …win win.

After driving it home to Oregon and to AZ where we currently are it has a whopping 21K miles on it.  Not bad for a 10 year coach.

Directly after purchasing we lived it in for 2 months in the heart of a bad Oregon winter … 8″ of snow, ice/snow storms, side-ways rain, wind, etc. and it held up like a champ.  It was nice to get to sunny AZ and make it pretty again. -ha

A few pictures …

Our goal is to use and enjoy it while keeping it looking and functioning as if it were new.  It’s easy to start dumping a ton of $$ in various upgrades but we’re  going to try and not fall into that trap. We’ve learned our lesson with upgrades in the past.

So far I don’t think we’d be any happier with anything else… Aside from a newer Provost. 😀

Update: June 2017

After a lot of thinking about our current RVing needs and livability preferences we decided a 5th wheel made more sense than the motorhome since we aren’t active travelers yet.  We sold the motorhome in June 2017 and purchased a new dually Ford pickup and a 2016 39′ Arctic Fox 5th wheel.