Carpet Slide-Cover Fix

Shortly after moving into the coach full-time our dog must have had an anxiety attack while we were away one day and decided to chew some carpet in the bedroom.  He chewed a little piece on the cover that runs along the bottom of the passenger side slide-out.

Not the end of the world but believe me we were NOT happy!  At the time I was wondering what weiner dog steaks taste like.

We lived with this for the last 3 months contemplating the correct fix.  We knew while it looked trivial it would be expensive to remove and have someone attempt to match/replace the carpet.  Therefore we procrastinated and forgot about it for awhile.

After arriving in sunny Lake Havasu for a few months we finally had time to address a few things we wanted to fix/repair on the coach.  This was one of them.

We ended up going to Lowes and purchased an 3″x8′ piece of oak baseboard moulding, a small can of clear, a foam brush and some 1″ long nickel screws.

After pre-drilling 4 holes, applying the clear and letting it dry we mounted it up.  Probably not as good as having new carpet but it will do.  The total cost was around $25.

The end result.